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The advanced "R-core transformer" used as a power transformer has the features of the super-low flux leakage, low loss, and the excellent overload characteristic. Therefore TU-870 model has enabled a large improvement of S/N ratio and clear tone quality. The insulator of the mechanical ground construction system suppresses unnecessary vibration. Two useful input terminals are equipped. All the parts except the vacuum tubes and vacuum-tube sockets are made in Japan.
Vacuum Tube: 6BM8 (ECL82)
Rated Output: 2.0W + 2.0W (8 ohm continuous output)
Rated Input: 600mV
Input Resistance: 90k ohm
Output Impedance: 8 ohm
Hum and Noise: 1mV (WIDE), 0.12mV (IEC WEIGHTING)
With the upgrading electrolytic capacitor - 0.6mV(WIDE)
S/N Ratio: 72dB (WIDE), 90dB (IEC WEIGHTING)
Frequency Response: 30 to 60000Hz
Supply Voltage: AC100V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 30W
Weight: Approx. 3kg
Dimensions: W130 x H135 x D263 (including projections)
Input Terminal: 2 lines (RCA jack)
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