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The small and powerful vacuum tubes "6L6GC", a highly reliable power tube from Electro Harmonix, are adopted in this power amplifier kit. However, at the same time, TU-879S allows you to change the power tubes with other tubes without any remodeling so that you can enjoy contrasting the difference of timbres by each tube with this model. What's more, TU-879S is superior in cost performance to the predecessor TU-879, a limited model in 2003, and have features of easy assembly, powerful output, and less noise.
Allows you to use KT88, KT66, EL34 (6CA7) power tubes without any remodeling. (Replacement power tubes are not included.)
Downsized compared with our old model TU-877 (KT88 power tube), but installed with advanced "R-core transformer" as a power transformer that enables clear tone quality.
To improve transient characteristics, both polypropylene film capacitor as a coupling capacitor (previous model: polyester film) and low-ESR electrolytic capacitor are adopted in TU-879S.
The highest S/N ratio among our models thanks to large reduction of ham-noise.
Input terminal: Line x 2, Gilded pin jack

Vacuum tube: 6L6GC x 2pcs, 12A x 7pcs
Rated output: 8.5W + 8.5W (8ohm continuous output)
Suitable speaker: 3.2 - 5ohm, 6 - 16ohm
Hum and Noise: 0.26mV (WIDE), 0.035mV (IEC weighting) (8ohm continuous output)
S/N ratio: 90dB (WIDE), 107.5dB (IEC weighting) (8ohm continuous output)
Frequency response (-3dB): 20Hz - 43,000Hz
Input resistance: 75kohm
Rated input: 430mV
Input terminal: Line x 2 (RCA jack)
Supply voltage: AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 70W
Dimensions: W154 x H150 x D400 (mm) (including projections)
Weight: Approx. 6.5kg

For purchase, please contact us by e-mail: info@elekit.co.jp
or our dealer below.
Dealer in Canada: VKMUSIC

Dealer in the US: TUBEDEPOT.COM
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