6in1 SOLAR KIT [ JS-610 ]

Model number JS-610
Price JPY 2,484 (incl.tax)
[JPY 2,300 (excl.tax)]
Difficulty 1 2 3 4 5
Assembly time1-2 H
Target age10 +
SolderingNot required
Parts count13
Tools required
Diagonal cutter ,Hammer ,Pen knife


A solar kit that works with eco-friendly solar power. The kit can be assembled in 6 ways of your choice.

- Balanced airplane ... The airplane flies round and round having the supporting point at the center.
- Windmill ... A windmill but worked by solar power.
- Airboat ... The propeller at the back rotates and runs on the water surface.
- Airplane ... An object which propeller at the front rotates.
- Mini car ... A mini car that runs with its 4 wheels.
- Puppy ... A puppy moves with a vibration motor.
* For Balanced airplane, 10 yen coin is used as a weight.


- Balanced airplane: W215 x H170 x D110mm
- Windmill: W150 x H235 x D155mm
- Airboat: W62 x H90 x D130mm
- Airplane: W62 x H90 x D155mm
- Mini car: W55 x H40 x D68mm
- Puppy: W45 x H70 x D70mm

Power source: Solar battery (included)


* The product works under direct sunlight. For indoor use, use an incandescent lamp over 60W. It does not work under a fluorescent lamp.