Phono Equalizer Amp [ PS-3250 ]

Phono Equalizer Amp
Model number PS-3250
Price JPY 6,050 (incl.tax)
[JPY 5,500 (excl.tax)]
Assembly time1-2 H
Parts count56
Tools required
Diagonal cutter ,Soldering iron


■This is an RIAA turntable preamplifier to convert a turntableʼs phono-level output to an RIAA-equalized line-level signal,supporting both MM and MC cartridges by changing a jumper location on the PCB.
■For OPamp, a low-noise NJM2068DD is adopted.
■In addition, for the electronic parts, ±1% tolerance metal oxide resistors and ±2% tolerance film capacitors are adopted to realize small RIAA deviation and low noise.
■For the equalizer circuit, CR type is adopted and there is no concern for the deviation of equalizing characteristics even when OPamp is exchanged.
■A positve and negative voltage generating circuit is on-board for the power unit, and high quality sound and wide dynamic range are secured by supplying ±15V for OPamp.
■POP noise suppressor upon power ON/OFF is on-board.
■In an equalizer amp, the noise level, especially the hum noise, depends largely on the IN/OUT wirintg and the grounding location.
Therefore, for this kit, IN/OUT jack and grounding bracket to fix those par ts to the PCB are included.


Short pin_EN.jpg


・Corresponding cartridge : MM (Approx. 47kΩ), MC (Approx.100Ω or 30Ω)
・Circuiting system : CR equalizer (RIAA), OPamp dual amplification
・RIAA deviation : Within ±0.5dB (20-20kHz)
・Gain (@1kHz) : 27dB(MM, LOW-G), 32dB(MM, MID-G), 36dB(MM,
HIGH-G) 56dB(MC, LOW-G), 62dB(MC, MID-G), 65dB(MC, HIGH-G)
・Non-clip max. output (@1kHz) : 9V r.m.s.
・Power voltage : DC 5-12V
・Power consumption (OPamp: NJM2068DD) : 100mA(5V), 30mA(12V)
・PCB dimensions : 100 x 80 mm