Melody Top [ TK-740 ]

Melody Top
Model number TK-740
Price JPY 1,650 (incl.tax)
[JPY 1,500 (excl.tax)]
Target age10 +
Parts count35
Tools required
Phillips screwdriver ,Diagonal cutter ,Longnose pliers ,Soldering iron


Melody top is a electronic top kit with a centrifugal switch.
When the top is turned and the centrifugal switch turns ON, the LEDs turn ON and a melody in the IC is played.
There are balancers so that users can find the best balance for the top to stably turn.
Enjoy the circle of colorful LED light and the melody.

A small booklet "Soldering tips" and a small PCB for soldering practice are included for soldering beginners.
Users can practice soldering before actually starting to assemble the Melody top.



Power source "AAA" battery x 2pcs (not included)
Power consumption (upon operation) Approx. 23mA
PCB dimensions 100mm in diameter