ECL85 SE Stereo Power Amp Kit [ TU-8185 ]

ECL85 SE Stereo Power Amp Kit
Model number TU-8185
Price JPY 46,200 (incl.tax)
[JPY 42,000 (excl.tax)]
Tools required
Phillips screwdriver ,Diagonal cutter ,Longnose pliers ,Scissors ,Soldering iron


A compact vacuum tube amp with Triode-power pentode tube ECL85
* The kit includes ECL805E x 2pcs, a highly reliable version of ECL85.
HP用 TU-8185斜め2.jpg

A compact body with a headphone jack on the front panel - you can enjoy its large scale sound not only from speakers but also from headphones / earphones.

■ Two types of input terminals
The amp is equipped with a RCA pin jack for LINE IN and a stereo mini jack to which you can connect a mobile phone or a portable music player.

■ Headphone feature
Enjoy music either from speakers or headphones. The amp corresponds to headphones with impedance between 8 to 600ohm.
Adjust the output level by changing the positions of jumper caps.

■ USB-DAC module PS-3249R (optional)
ELEKIT USB-DAC module PS-3249R can be mounted inside the amp, which enables connecting the amp to a digital sound source in your PC.

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HP用 TU-8185Backヌキ.jpg

■ Optional accessory set OP-8185 (optional)
Premium looking assessories, an aluminum shell volume knob and 4 large insulator feet with aluminum rings, make the amp look stylish.

  HP用 OP-8185.jpg OP-8185  

HP用 TU-8185+OP-8185正面ヌキOK_S.jpg

With optional accessory set


Stock tube : ECL85 ( =6GV8 ) x 2pcs
Circuit configurations : Tube stereo power amp
Output stage : Class-A Single-ended, self-bias
Heater power : DC heating
B-power : DC-DC inverter boost type
Max. output : 2 x 2W ( 8ohm load, THD10% )
Rated input : 350mV rms
Frequency response : 25-50,000Hz ( -3dB )
Residual noise : 35uV rms ( IHF-A, 8ohm load )

Input terminal : RCA jack stereo x 1, stereo mini jack ( 3.5mm ) x 1
Output terminal : Speaker output : Binding terminal ( Banana plug compatible )
Headphone output : Stereo mini jack ( 3.5mm )
Speaker impedance : 4 - 8ohm
Headphone impedance : 8 - 600ohm ( corresponds to high impedance headphones as well )
unbalanced, level adjustable by a jumper cap
Power voltage / current ( the amp ) : 12V DC / approx.2.7A
AC adapter : Input : 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Output : 12V DC, 50W type
Dimensions : W142 x H136 x D178mm ( incl. projections )
Weight : Approx. 1.8kg ( excl. AC adapter )