Model number TU-8200R
Price JPY 85,800 (incl.tax)
[JPY 78,000 (excl.tax)]
Difficulty 1 2 3 4 5
Assembly time5-6 H
Target ageGeneral
Tools required
Phillips screwdriver ,Diagonal cutter ,Longnose pliers ,Scissors ,Hexagonal wrench ,Soldering iron


Discover the difference in listening pleasure with the flexibility of various power tubes and
output modes


■ "Active automatic bias adjustment function"
Other than 6L6GC that comes with the kit, KT66, KT88, EL34(6CA7),6550, etc can also be used. Normally, for those amplifiers that allows use of multiple tubes, it is necessary to adjust the bias according to each tube in order to bring out the best performance of each tube. However, in this amp,
"Active automatic bias adjustment function" is adopted so that the machine automatically adjusts the bias to the optimal condition for ach tube. By this function you can enjoy the best sound of various types of tubes without a trouble. In addition, the protective circuit has been improved to avoid malfunction due to tube rolling.

■ Connection can be selected from 3 types
Ultra-linear, Triode, or Pentode, you can select the connection type from these 3 simply by changing the jumper location on the PCB.

■ Low ESR conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitor adopted for the cathode bypass of the voltage amplification
By adopting the said capacitor, a high resolution and clear sound is realized.

■ Headphone terminal equipped
The power to drive a headphone/earphone can be selected from 3 options by the combination of 2 resistors per channel by changing the jumper locations.

■ 70μm thick copper PCB with superior electric conductivity and heat dissipation

■ USB-DAC(PS-3249R)can be built in


●Stock tube : 6L6GCx2, ECC82 (12AU7)x2
●Rated output : 6L6GC (UL connection) 8W+8W 
(8Ω loaded) 6L6GC (Pentode connection) 8.2W+8.2W
       6L6GC (Triode connection) 4W+4W
●Rated input : 6L6GC (UL connection) : 230mV  
●Residual noise : 6L6GC (UL connection) : 90μV(IEC-A)
●Frequency response : 12Hz-70kHz (-3dB)

●Input term,inal : LINE x 2 ( LINE1, LINE2 ) : RCA jack
3.5mm stereo mini jack ( Common with LINE2, has priority to LINE2 )
●Ouput terminal : Speaker output terminal ( 4-6.3Ω, 8-16Ω : Switching )
    Gold-plated screw terminal (banana plug usable)
●Power voltage : AC100V 50/60Hz (3P inlet)

●Power consumption : 60W (6L6GC installed)

●Dimensions : W252xH135xD285mm (without tubes)
         W252xH175xD285mm (6L6GC installed, excl. projections)
●Weight : Approx.6.6kg (Assembled, excluding power cord)