PIECE - programming concept learning modules [ ZZ-01 ]

PIECE - programming concept learning modules
Model number ZZ-01
Price JPY 14,080 (incl.tax)
[JPY 12,800 (excl.tax)]
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PIECE is a programming concept learning material consisting of 13 modules and 5 types of attachments.
Each module is sealed in a plastic casing and has specific function, such as SOUND module senses sound, LIGHT module senses ambient light, LED turns ON, VIBE module vibrates, etc.
Children can easily realize a desired action, such as "vibrates reacting to a sound", "LED turns ON when it becomes dark", etc by combining these modules.


Each module has a magnet on the back, and there are hooks to hang the modules so that PIECE can be easily utilized in actual lives of the users.


Example of us : Module set with LED that turns ON when it senses a hand clapping sound to indicate where the light SW is.Piece_mani_P7_Pic.jpg

Learning a programming concept
At the present day, new Education Ministry guidelines are on the table before it is enforced in 2020.
Within the guidelines, a lot of people are watching the moves especially of the programming education in elementary school.
In this new guidelines, it is not aimed to enable children to code using a programming language, but have them learn the programming concept.
What is "programming concept"?
Learning the programming concept equals to acquire the ability to think logically through the experience of the activities, such as what signals to combine and how, and what improvement should be made to realize the aimed action.

PIECE are configured with 3 kinds of module; INPUT, LOGIC, and OUTPUT.
LOGIC module is the most distinguishing feature of PIECE.
Children think of the best combination of INPUT/OUTPUT modules and LOGIC modules to solve the problems in daily lives. Experiencing the whole process itselt is developing the programming concept.
With PIECE, there is no need of preparing expensive hardware, nor memorizing complicated commands. Children can learn the programming concept reasonably and easily.



PIECE is developed under the concept that children can handle without a trouble and easily combine various signals, activate the module, and improve it.
This is not just the programming education but also a problem solving training, i.e., find a problem in a daily life, actively think of the best solution for the problem from various options, and solve the problem.
Thus PIECE is a perfect material for workshops for children.


Workshop Report 1
A workshop using PIECE was held at FUKUOKA FUTABA highschool based on the following scheme.

0. Learn about INPUT and OUTPUT through home electric appliances.
1. Play with PIECE to learn the function
2. Divide in groups and discuss what problems they have in their school lives.
3. Using PIECE, think of a solution to the problem (prototyping) and make a presentation.
We could encounter very unique problems specifc to students and the solutions to those problems.

Workshop Report 2
At FabLab Dazaifu, an ideathon workshop was held. The theme is "Solution for Mother's anger".
Children think of the cause of the problem (whey their mothers are angry at them), and find a solution using the PIECE module.
Although most of the are lower-graders, they think seriously and made full use of PIECE modules.



[ PIECE contents ]
INPUT module : Shock sensor, Light sensor, Sound sensor (3 types)
LOGIC module : NOT, AND, OR, TIMER, CONTROL (5 types)
Others : Power SW module (with microUSB terminal), Battery box (AA battery x 2pcs), Motor, Horn, Extension cable, Hook (12pcs)

Power (sold separately) : Batteries or USB power is required to operation PIECE.
 Battery : AA alkaline battery x 2pcs
 USB : USB power (connect to micro USB jack)